Additional HVE Projects

Alyeska Plant Addition, Unalaska, Alaska
Pacific Propeller Ventilation Upgrades, Kent
Queets Fish Processing Plant, Quinault
Water and Sewer Projects for Arctic Villages, North Slope Borough, Alaska

Additional Staff Experience

Arctic Village Water and Sewer Treatment Facilities, North Slope Borough, Alaska – Mechanical systems  for an indoor sewage treatment facility, sewage vacuum station, and an indoor water treatment facility for Point Hope, Point Lay, Atqasuk, Nuiqsut, and Kaktovik villages.  Systems serve hazardous environments, buildings, outdoor reservoirs, and permafrost buried piping.  Central systems include boilers, air handling, waste heat recovery, utility water pumping systems, fire pumps, and emergency electrical generation systems.

Desert Sewage Lift Station, Lake Las Vegas, NV – HVAC systems for a sewage pump station.

Emergency Power Generating System Upgrade, SEATAC Airport – Engineered HVAC for a three megawatt upgrade to an existing emergency power generation system.  Design challenges included extremely limited and congested existing sub-level space and critical fire/life-safety constraints.

Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Facility, P-350, PSNS Bremerton – HVAC and process ventilation system design for a new industrial wastewater treatment facility.

LOTT Municipal Centrifuge HVAC Design, Olympia – HVAC modifications required to install a new solids handling centrifuge for a wastewater treatment plant.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, Kitsap County – HVAC, odor control, aeration, and compressed air systems for a municipal wastewater treatment facility.

Nitriding Facility, Redmond – Engineered HVAC system for a new 10,000 sq. ft. nitriding facility for Gene Lift Corporation.  Scope included process ventilation for liquid molten salt baths operating at approximately 1200 degrees F., ventilation cooling, and standby power diesel generator cooling.

Novelty Hill Sewer Pump Station, Redmond – Mechanical systems for a sewage pump station.

Novelty Hill Water Pump Station and Operations Facility, Redmond – HVAC and plumbing systems for a water pump station facility and separate operations facility.

Ozone Treatment Facility Mechanical Design, Walla Walla – HVAC and plumbing systems for a new water treatment plant and pump station utilizing ozone gas.

Pacific Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant, Grays Harbor County – Plumbing, HVAC, blower aeration, and pumping systems for a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Pacific Beach.

Snohomish County Southwest Regional Transfer Station, Mountlake Terrace – Engineered plumbing and HVAC systems for a new garbage transfer facility.  Facility included an office building, two scale houses, and a one acre garbage transfer building.

Water Pump Station Design, Bellevue – Mechanical systems for the Cougar Mountain Booster Pump Station No. 3.

Water Treatment Plant Upgrade and Expansion, Corvallis, OR – Process ventilation and HVAC systems for a municipal water treatment plant major upgrade and expansion.

Well Pump Building No. 4  Mechanical Design, Redmond – Plumbing and HVAC systems for a new municipal well pump station.